Creative Ethos

Our design philosophy is based on the concept of clothes as the everyday armor we wear to face our ever-changing lives. 

I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the US with my family in my early teens. Since moving to the US and adapting to a new culture, I am no stranger to change and using it as a force of empowerment. Fashion played a big role and served as a form of self-expression during that transformative part of my life.

It was my mother who gave me my first sewing lesson, and not surprisingly, shortly after that I found myself devouring designer bios and learning everything related to fashion as an art and as a business. Growing up in a creative environment around strong, stylish women who had their own personal “costureras” (Spanish for seamstresses) making their clothes for everything from special occasions to weekend wear; it was natural for me to be interested in this special craft.

As a Latina in fashion – an industry where a small percentage of designers/decision-makers are women, and an even smaller percentage are of color – I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges people like me face trying to break into the industry. 

As a mother to a young girl, creating better futures for her where the challenges I’ve encountered no longer exist, is at the core of my why. 

My mission is to break down barriers and build a brand known for quality and innovation while being mindful of people and our planet.

I’m so proud of what I’m building and my hope is that my efforts will have a positive impact on the world. I’m inspired by the prospect of creating something new and innovative, while cultivating a meaningful community.

Let's rethink how we create and consume fashion together.

Creative Process